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Pages: Anyone have any weird dreams lately?? [1]
Author Topic: Anyone have any weird dreams lately??

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2011-02-08 16-29-20

Anyone have any weird dreams lately?? I had a fucked up one last night. In my dream I was at work. I'm a newish bartender. So I was working and all my difficult customers were sitting at the bar giving me grief as they always do. You know how in dreams things are not as they are in reality? I am short, but in my dream I was so short I couldn't hardly see over the counter, just up to it. One of the fuckers spilled a beer on my head! So I went into the bathroom and took a bath. I could hear hooping, hollering, and whistling. So I stood up to get out of the bath. (and you know how dreams are) when I stood up I was actually behind the counter of the bar, buck naked, dripping wet. EVERYONE was there at the bar. Everyone was making fun of my body, I was trying to sit and cover myself because I was so embarrassed. I was crying and everything. Well my clothes are gone. So I holler at my coworker (who's my size) to toss me some clothes. She finally does and I'm trying to put on the clothes, but I cannot put them on! I'm standing there struggling to get these clothes on and just in a PANIC! So my boss comes around the corner and raises an eyebrow at me. I'm looking at him like "save me!" and he goes: "don't just stand there, pour me a beer!" I was so offended and kept trying to get the clothes on.. dear god, what a humiliating dream!! BUT.. the crazy thing is: it's such an alternate reality. If something like that was to actually happen, I'm very comfortable with my body and wouldn't have been embarrassed at all. I like to be nude. What the FUCK did this dream mean?? Any clues? (oh, and PS: my boss is super nice and would have no doubt grabbed a table cloth or something to help me, it was a very opposite view of him too)
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2011-02-09 2-59-23-

About once a month I dream that I'm Spiderman. Have since I was about 9 yrs old, now I'm 32. I also dreamed once that me and Cher were getting it on and caught Elvis checking us out. I tried to invite him in but he flew away...weird.
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2011-02-09 22-37-54

lol, seriously?? they say people who fly or are super hero's in dreams are generally happy people :) I bounce from hill-top to hill-top in my dreams. Landing in wheat fields and stop to run my fingers along the tops. Or I'll land in fields of daisy's and then hop to the next one. They're beautiful dreams... But this was quite a fucked up dream.
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2011-02-10 4-26-05-

I'm a quite bi-polar ,so the drams must happen when I'm on the upswing. I do find my general level of kinkyness and the what types of kinks I enjoy vary with my mood. I usually take the dominant role if I'm feeling good about things, and like to be beaten when I'm down. Just the way it goes, and I rarely have sexual dreams at all.
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2011-02-10 18-20-24

I have sexual dreams all the time. I don't reall y like to dominate during sex, but I don't like to be controlled either. I like it to be give take. but in my dreams, I'm throwing the guy around (usually random men) all domed out and whipping his ass..being a total selfish lover... not my style at all! I wake up and feel dirty. lol
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  • hilty

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    2011-02-10 23-47-06

    In my dream there were a lot of things (pt 1) In my dream there were a lot of things that transpired. At first I was in this house, there were two rooms. One was my room and there was a woman in the other. For some reason, it was very odd, I kept going to her bed. It wasn't for sex. I wasn't looking for sex. I don't know if she was ill or what it was but something was the matter. Then all of the sudden, I looked out the window and there was my mother, next to this house. I felt safe with her next to me. Then I walked down to this house that I knew had a problem. And it was a problem that limited my life and I wanted it gone and out and never returning. So, I went to this black car and started swiping at it because it would not go away and it was throwing things at me. I was swiping at everything that it was throwing at me. It was so strange. Now this scared me to death. As I was swiping at this black car because it was throwing shit at me, all of the sudden, the black car threw a baby at me. I didn't see that it was a baby until after I had swiped it, it was like debris coming from a shit storm. I was frightened. The black car threw a baby at me, but at the time, I didn't know it. When the baby landed on the ground, it was dead. The black car killed his own baby. After that experience, I was so frightened. I went over to the baby to see if it was alive. He had killed it. I left because I was frightened and I didn't know what to do. It was like collateral damage to the black car. Oh well. To me, I just wanted to get out of there and away from that mess. I left the situation and went right. I walked up to this one area that would not let me get to where I needed to be. To get to where I needed to be, I had to get past a pole of cement blocks. I remember in the dream, I was focusing on two cement blocks that were causing the most trouble, they were at the top of the pole. So what did I do, I climbed up the cement blocks and reached the top. I was in a very deep, flat area, but after getting past the cement blocks I reached the top.
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    2011-02-11 9-30-06-

    In my dream there were a lot of things (pt 2) After reaching the top, I started walking up this incline. I saw in the distance houses. I was walking towards the houses. Off to the side, there were these two women that were at the back door talking to someone. Then all of the sudden, they started coming at me. One woman followed the other woman as they were coming at me. They were both going down the incline. Their words to me as they past by were, "his pants are up and he is packed". They said it like they were mad at me. They were coming at me and going down the incline. It was like what they were trying to do, they had no control of anymore. They had one last opportunity to come at me and then they were going down the incline to the bottom. They were in the past and I was looking towards my future. I climbed past them. It didn't matter what they gained it was all just superficial blocks that could not stop me. I got to the top of them and they were left behind no longer affecting my life. They were the ones trying to keep me in a low place, but by my sheer tenacity, I was able to overcome them.
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  • olmsted

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    2011-02-11 11-18-40

    crazy!! :D glad you understood that much about it. I always wake up too soon, or wake up THEN start to remember the dream I was having.. missing pieces and all.
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    2011-02-11 23-00-01

    i get night terrors sometimes and i almost always have effed up dreams, like every night.
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  • sokolow

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    2011-02-12 16-18-26

    that SUCKS I had night terrors as a kid, and man, Im sooo sorry. I outgrew them, *Thank God*, but a couple of years ago I had nightmares EVERY time I went to sleep for 10 months! Now these were normal nightmares, not terrors, but still--talk about being on edge. Nightmares for 10 months will do it. They stopped when I father diedout of the blue, and my mother-in-law ended up in the emergency room, and laater died. Figure my life was messed up enough that my subconscience decided to give me a break.
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  • pang

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    2011-02-13 22-30-20

    o.0 yikes. mebbe they were trying to tell you something. interesting. yeah they suck. i wake up kicking and screaming or crying.. sweating, shivering, dry throat.. oh man. it's awful. they've become less though, which i'm grateful for. but my general paranoia is still very bad.
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    2011-02-15 6-37-50-

    you have my complete sympathy and I hope they taper off and go away
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